The FinLayer API consists of modular components that provide flexibility in the deployment of new features and services according to your customers’ needs.

The FinLayer Integrates Into All Web And Mobile Applications

your website / IOS / Android = Capture users informaiton



Aggregates Data Via Your Application Through To The FinLayer

Sends users’ information to the FinLayer to facilitate data aggregation, organising, calculations and categorising.



The FinLayer Sources, Organises And Sends Data Back To Your Application

Aggregates users’ information and sends it back to your app



Flexible Modular Approach

Below are the various modular components that comprise the FinLayer API. These flexible components can be tailored to your specific business’s needs, allowing you to offer your customers the best features and services possible.


The Limitless Online Social Verification Service uses source data aggregated from trusted third-party platforms, public records, social networks and other commercially available data sources to validate a person’s real identity. The validation works by analysing a large pubic track record of Internet usage across multiple online channels.

The Limitless Social Verification Service ensures that those customers who sign up for your services are real and trustworthy, which in turn dramatically reduces the potential for cybercrime or fraud.


Social Profile Authentication

  • Identity Management
  • Data Verification
  • Social Scoring

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Credit Bureau

The Limitless Consumer Credit Report Service is a product initiative aimed at helping financial institutions gain better insights into their customers’ true credit statuses as recorded by the credit bureaus. This service has the added advantage that a consumer’s credit profile is unaffected by the credit check that’s performed before and after a credit application.

Digital companies, both web and mobile, can integrate the Limitless Credit Report Service into their registration process as a first step towards eliminating those applicants who do not pass their minimum credit rules and criteria while only allowing through those that do.

The credit report comes as a white-label product. This means that clients can brand the credit report with their own branding and corporate identity. In addition to this, each customer applying for a product of a financial nature with your company can now also receive a copy of their credit report. This allows your company to provide added value to your customers while building brand affinity and awareness about your products and services.


Consumer Credit Report Options

  • Credit Summaries
  • Credit Score Only

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Identity Management

ID Verification Services are commonly used by large financial services companies, such as banks, lenders, payment gateways, insurance providers and others. These companies and institutions use this service to protect their businesses by reducing the number of fraudulent applications, phishing schemes and cases of identity theft.

The Limitless ID Verification Service assures that institutions can accurately identify an individual on both mobile phones and the web without having to undergo a face-to-face verification process.

Identity authentication through credit bureaus.

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The Limitless Bank Aggregation Service allows financial companies like banks, lenders, insurers, investment and eCommerce websites to connect to multiple financial institutions with online interfaces in order to retrieve transactional data for various purposes.

Bank-level security and data compliance ensure that customer accounts can only be accessed with explicit permission.

Data Retrieved:

  • Multiple account aggregation
  • 90-day transactional statements
  • Data arranged by income vs expenses
  • See a client’s affordability

Account Types:

Cheque, Savings, Credit, Mortgage, Vehicle Finance, Loyalty Cards, Investment Accounts, Insurance, Utility Bills

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Stock Market Data

One of our latest innovative offerings is fund performance data, listed equities and stock pricing. This service can assist you in building tools to better manage your customers’ wealth and improve the way you communicate their growth and performance.

Wealth Performance Data

  • Fund Performance Data
  • Listed Equities
  • Stock Pricing Feeds

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Other Products

We are innovators and will keep on improving our products and services. We offer a wide range of stand-alone products that are able to enhance your customer experience. Contact us to find out how we can improve your business’s offering.

  • Limitless Connect
  • White-Label Consumer Credit Report
  • White-Label Lending Website
  • White-Label Budgeting Tool

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